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Arista / Roasted Pork Loin

Description: [AH-ree-stah] According to Pellegrino Artusi, Italy’s best-selling cookbook author of the 19th century, arista, the Tuscan term for roasted pork loin, derives from the Greek word aristos, meaning ‘the best’, which was how Greek ecclesiastics described the dish during a religious gathering in Florence in 1430. Today, the word is used throughout Italy to describe pork loin seasoned with rosemary or fennel seed and garlic, and slow-roasted either in the oven or on a spit. Following tradition, our Tuscan Arista is made using high- quality pork loin, seasoned to perfection, and slowly roasted in the oven. Arista is excellent served cold, sliced fairly thick.

Size Pieces per case
18-20lbs Sold by case