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Buffalo Mozzarella Importer, buffalo mozzarellaBuffalo Mozzarella Importer

La Mozzarella is the midwest region’s premier buffalo mozzarella importer & distributor of fresh, authentic cheeses directly from Italy.  La Mozzarella is able to provide the best tasting, freshest buffalo mozzarella in the midwest by importing fresh buffalo mozzarella from hand-picked small producers in Italy. We supply our buffalo mozzarella directly to discerning chefs and restaurateurs throughout the Chicago area. You’ll see our mozzarella on many menus in the best Italian restaurants in the area and suburbs. In addition to buffalo mozzarella, we also import a wide variety of other Italian meats & cheeses, including Burrata, Ricotta, Caciocavallo, Provoletta, Prosciutto, Porchetta, Olives, Mushrooms and more.  See Our Delicacies page for details!

La Mozzarella provides a unique service by importing ONLY what our chefs order – we don’t stockpile our cheeses to wait days or weeks for delivery. After collecting an order from one of our partner restaurants, we order only those specific products from our producers in Italy. Each of our partner’s cheeses are produced exactly for them! We import the desired bufallo mozzarella, along with our other Italian imported cheeses & meats, flying your items into Chicago. Within 12 hours of your products arrival, we distribute your buffalo mozzarella directly to your restaurant. This insures that your cheeses are incredibly fresh and ready for your menus. Our services make it possible to buy buffalo mozzarella directly from Italy, without worrying about shipping & perishability. We make it easy to serve the freshest, best tasting buffalo mozzarella in your restaurants.

Service Area: La Mozzarella is a buffalo mozzarella importer located in the suburbs of Chicago, and imports buffalo mozzarella on behalf of many superior restaurants throughout the Chicagoland Area. We also distribute buffalo mozzarella throughout the midwest, including Milwaukee, Madison & Minneapolis.