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A review of our smoked burrata

Our smoked burrata received high praise at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show – check out this fabulous review at Homemade Italian Cooking with Cara. “Smoked Burrata by La Mozzarella was an absolute joy to discover. Burrata (meaning “buttery” in Italian) is essentially mozzarella strips that have been marinated in cream and stuffed into “pouches” made from […]

caprese salad from Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant

Caprese Salad

    This delicious Caprese Salad (caprese di bufala) featuring our buffalo mozzarella is being served with pride at Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant in Superior, Wisconsin. From their menu…”This dish ruins all fresh mozzarella forever after eating this. We get this cheese flown in from Campania, worth flying over the pond for, we just saved you a thousand […]