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Olive di Gaeta

Olive di Gaeta

Description: [o-lee-veh di gah-EHTAH] Olive di Gaeta are small and round mahogany colored Italian olives. Cured in brine. As with all olives, delicious served with all table cheeses, salamis, and other antipasti!

The Gaeta is one of the few Cultivars able to stand extremely cold temperatures (-15°C) and the typical harvest time is uncommonly March.For further information see the cornerstone publication by Gaetano Serao L’Oliva di Gaeta, in “L’olivicoltore”, Anno XI (1934-n°11) pp 7-21, ill. The Gaeta Olive, a typical Cultivar (Cultivation-Variety) native of Southern Lazio and of its unique microclimate, is one of the most desired Olives worldwide and tempting at least since the renaissance period.In those days Ercole I, the famous duke and patron of the arts, was sending several requests to his ambassadors in Rome in order to track down this extremely tasty and at the same time rare Olive and ship it to his table. Unfortunately for the duke the answers to his many requests where never answered…

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Size Pieces per Case
10lb bucket sold by bucket